Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovely Blog Award Given By Love2Cook

First of all, million thanks to Love for remembering and giving this lovely awards to me...You're such a sweet friend and really appreciate of your warm thoughts and compliments...Hope our frienship remains the same and may you have a great moments being with us here...muaaahhhh!!


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ummi, congratulations on your beautiful award.
I love your 'susu koktel'....first time I see this.
You are an amazing lady....your recipies are out of this World, bila makan tentu nampak bulan naik an hour early, ha ha.

Fortunately I was fooling around up North in Penang....kalau tidak if in Kuantan, habis cherita!
Women who can cook, make susu koktel very bachelors.

Pssssst, what did you cook for your hubby when you first invited him home for dinner?
I bet your secret 3rd generation sambal belachan, and your famous ikan tenggiri chili sambal sumbat, ha ha. Itu la, kena sangkut BIG time, ha ha....
But I can imagine he one real happy hubby, whistle go to work, at work and always rush home for dinner....

Ummi, you stay young, and keep a song in your heart.
Bila bulan naik ke Telok Chimpedak? Ha ha, Lee.

Ummi said...

U.Lee -
Thank you for the're always with your fun jokes..I'm definitely not dangerous, just cooking the most easier and faster one, always lack of time for cooking and doing all chores...Gosh! I don't remember what did I serve him when we first met, hahaa...but Cencaru Sumbat Sambal is one of his favourite dish, but he is not a big fan of sambal belachan la Lee..gatal hidung dia..hehe..

Lee, we're working under the same roof and I never see him whistle go to work but yes, we rush home and he helps me a lot by clearing the sink when I cook, hehe..perut dia lapar bila dapat bau my cooking..hehe..

Uisshh Lee, I don't like go to Telok Chempedak la, better stay at home watching movies and manja2 dengan hubby..hehe

Lee, thanks for dropping by and you keep dancing..