Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nice Matters Award from Kak E n DrEzura (My Ist Award)

I'm blank when Kak E n Dr Ezura asked me to take a "gift" from their house..Gift? What gift? So i just blogged in their house n was so surprised...what a nice award, so sweet! Jez love it!!For all that i know is just trying to share my love, life n time in my small n sweet kitchen and be friend with all of u pretty women n nice guys (esp. CMG - our sifu hehe..) out there... thanx so much Kak E n Dr. Ezura for remembering me. U're much appreciated. What more shud i say? Nice meeting all of u here..actually, i feel so small to be honoured...muaahhh!
So, i will pass this award to Mamafami, Hajar, KakmOn, Cikwan, Cat, DrNo, Princessharyati, Amy n Intan too..


Cat Cat said...

Kak Ummi,
Thank you for the award...

Ummi said...

Welcome Cat...always sharing with me ok!! =D