Sunday, February 1, 2009

High-Tea During CNY Holidays

Last week during CNY we've spent our holidays in KL for about 4D3N. Btw, my two child Abanglong and Najiha had been there 5 days earlier to help doing some preparations for my sister's wedding that is just around the corner. A day before CNY, my bro-in-law had invited us to come for a High-Tea at Revolving Restaurant, on the 18th Floor of Federal Hotel started at 12pm - 4pm...Well, so happy's good enough to fill in our "tank" after doing those need to cook for lunch...yeaaahhhh! Let's have fun with some of the pictures taken..Here we go....!!
In front of the hotel, waiting for my 3 kids (abanglong, najwa n Aiman) bcoz they're taking LRT to reach here - special request from Aiman..hehe..
At one of display areas inside of the mesmerized with the old kitchenwares..
Haha..this kind of thermos, periuk ayan, Nyonya's tiffin and the pelita cemni couldn't be easily found now, right?

In the lift...zoom to 18th. floor..hehe

My first round...bit of nasi goreng, vege, squid and blackpepper hungry!

Hb waiting for his turn..Look at to the KL Tower as a view - Right at time when I snapped this picture..It was revolving about 3 inches per minute i think..ekeke..
Hb's plate..full of everything..haha

Najwa (k.ngah) and Aiman at the sideview of Royale Bintang building..
My sister was busy with her boy...Haneef Aidit
Me and so hungry wanita ituuu..haha!!
Nice view eh..
Abanglong and kakngah..
Hb had his favourite - bubur kacang and some Malay kueh

Mine..those pulut panggang, lapis sagu and lapis kacang merah were really yummy!!

What was this? Can't remember..haha..
My sister had an ABC
Aarrhh...we were fulled already..still waiting for my bro-in-law..he'd promised to join us after he'd done with table settings/preparations for CNY celebration at the hotel owner's resident...Tan Sri Datuk Low Yatt (not sure his full name, but I'm sure and familiar with Plaza Low Yatt..haha..). Off course, as a Banquet Manager he'd to make sure everything is well-managed.

Still waiting and chatting..
Who had these? Najiha??
Another half - Hb had these raw oysters with lemon..oh, no, no..not me!
Nothing to do abanglong??

Baked salmon puff with white sauce...very nice, tasty, yummy...
Shushi - Aiman ate these..
Aidit got bored..he played with the chopsticks like a drummer..
Abanglong was the Sifu..
Before going back, camwhoring at the hotel's lobby
Najiha posing at the pool side..
Aidit was happy playing in his wonderland..ekekee..
We arrived at my sister's home around 4 pm with fulled stomach..while Abanglong and Aiman spent times at nearby Berjaya Times Square before going back by LRT.


Aishah @ UmmiAqil said...

uik...byknye mknn tu...

Big Mamma Bukhari said...

sedapnya makan2.. jalan2.. nak2 bersama family tersayang...

norzie said...

Best nyer..gendang gendut tali kecapi..kenyang perut suka hati!

payarumput21 said...

Salam Ummi..

Wah.. wah.. dalam bersakan2 makan dan jalan2.. ingat jugak ummi kat kita2 semua yea.. :)

Banyak betul "ole2" yang ditampal kat sini utk kita semua telan air liur..

Seronok tengok org seronok.. :)