Thursday, December 6, 2007

Being Tagged!!

Ooppsss!!! I've been tagged by Jun....uwaaaa, not really like it bcoz I don't have much time to spend on this, but I think this is the best way for us to know each other, even for every simple things. Well, its me....

1. A movie that made you laugh
Haha..first one that came into my mind is our Late P.Ramlee's movies such as Madu 3, Masam2 Manis, Labu Labi (*many more to mention) and the latest one is Mr Bean's Holiday i think, kah kah...

2. A book That Make You Cry
As far as i remember, i don't have even 1 book that make me cry, coz I'm not a novel or story book lover, i prefer watching...santai gitu..hehe. Always feel sleepy when I start reading a few pages. :p

3. A Best Friend
Got many best friends, but truly friends are that I always concern. (My hubby is also one of my very best friends, don't u??)

4. A Favourite Childhood Memories
- At the age of 9, my father bought me an earings and I was so surprised and it's still with me till now and then..and off course being with our family is the thing we couldn't buy elsewhere or anywhere.

- Till now I still can't imagine how everyday I woke up so early in the morning and walked alone in the darkness to the bus stop waiting for my school bus at 6 am bcoz I was the only one of my siblings who finished my schooldays in Temerloh (12 km from my parent's house) from Std. 1 to Form 5. (*so scared when i think of what had happened to Nurin Jazlin, Nurul Huda n others). XD. Thank God!

- Playing funny games with my friends ie. (*what do we call this?) galah panjang, tuju selipar/tin/botol, congkak and kayu u know that? (we don't have to spend even a single cent on all of these games, right??). And I can assure you that nowadays kids would not play and some of them don't even know this kind of games. Many more to describe here!

5. Your Favourite Animal
Sorry to say...hehe...I don't have any of them...pity on me...hehe. But spending some time watching fishes in my hubby's mini aquarium outside the house...

6. Your Favourite Food
Wahhh...banyak sangat nak bgtau nih...anything except stone n wood! kah kah...I like to try all courses.

7. An item of clothing you cannot do without
Emm..all of them, especially my tudung/scarf (I've wore this since I was in Form 4).

8. Something You Collect
Home Deco Assessories n Magazines, Dining Wares, Recipes, Brooches, Blauses...oops too many!

9. Your Favourite Store To Shop In
For my baking are Bake-Mate, Bake Well n Supermarket...N for clothing there are so many to mention. But when I go to KL and time is allowed, I prefer to go shopping (*sometimes window shopping only) to Gulati's, Maya, Euro Moda, The Mall, Sogo, One U and KLCC. My kids always pouty and get bored....hehe.

10. Your favourite flower
Anything that's fresh and green are my morning therapy...but I most like a sweety and english look flowers! last! And now I also like to pass this tag to: Ujen, Cik Wan and SL.

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