Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tag & My Favlinks Award From CMG - Our Beloved Hero ^_^

Got another award n tag from our beloved hero Mr Adnan or most well known as Mat Gebu here...Mat, thanx a lot for listing me as one of your 5 bloggers to share this award. No such words than many many thanx n may ur kindness be appreciated by all people out there...

Tapi bab tag ni yang x laratnya Mat...nak bayar tol lak kat Mat ni...Here come the rules:-

1. Blogger being tagged is to list out 5 of his/her favourite links. These links can be business
links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want BUT must be clean and non X-rated sites.
2. Then, tag 5 bloggers to share the links.
3. Also, please link back to the person who tagged you.
1. My favourite links :-) (actly many more...)
1. - recipes, cooking tips & what i like most is home deco ideas.
2. - Sarah Jasmine site - many cupcakes deco here (*tapi lum sempat nak try pun..heheh)
3. - Diana ni sape x kenal n tau apa ada kat site dia kan??
4. - emm yang ni mmg hari2 mesti bukak pnya..tempat cilok resepi dan bertukar citarasa Malaysia kat sini
5. - ummi bnyk join aktiviti sosial dan amal kat sini..seronok jumpa geng lama dan baca cerita terbaru mereka.

2. Ok, now I would like to tag 5 lucky dearest frenz (pening jugak nk pilih ni...hehe..) :-

(1) Princessharyati
(2) Sweetlily
(3) Kak-e
(4) KakmOn/ninasuria
(5) Noreen
3. And I'll also link back to the person who tagged me - Mat Gebu...thanx a lot for being such a kind n nice person.

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umi_e said...

ummi... thanks untuk TAG ni ya... kak e dah buat TAG ni lahhhhh tgk kat TAG di dapur kak e ok ;) mmuuuaahhhhhhhh