Sunday, November 11, 2007

Najwa and Her Upcoming SPM Exam!!

Tomorrow; 12th November 2007, my daughter Najwa will be sitting for her SPM Exam.. Big deal hah! Life or Dead..!!Najwa seems doesn't care 'bout her exam. But who knows what's inside, rite? Hurm, esok exam BM and Sejarah.. I hope she will do well.. Please pray for her.. And I'm hoping she will be fine during the exam, insyaAllah. Najwa...banyak-banyak lah solat hajat eh..!
Usually, I will be on leave to recite Yassin and also fasting when my children are sitting for their big and tough exam (just sharing some tips of Datuk Fadzillah Kamsah). As a mother, that's the only way for me to help them besides giving them some tips and advices.. I'll keep non-stop reciting Yassin according to the exam's period for every subject.. But this time around, I will be on leave starting next week bcoz she will be sitting for those KILLER SUBJECTS eg; Physics, Chemistry, Bio, and AddMath.. Plus I don't have many official leave left.

As far as I know, Najwa would never study hard at home, but I don't know if she'd given her full attention at school...hopefully!...Normally when it comes to monthly test, she didn't study hard, in fact she's only look up for some important notes, doing exercises rather than reading and do what people usually do when they're having an exam. Fortunately, she never failed on her subjects...What should I say more, just a reminder for the sake of her near future.. Really hope that she'll get flying colours in her SPM...Muaahh Najwa!!!! Sayang anak emak....

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