Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best Of Luck To Both of You!!!

Hari ni, my 3rd daughter mula menduduki Peperiksaan SPM. Since a few months back, she was really studied and tagged along with her books and notes...and me, had copied her exam schedule..got something to do with it.. :D!! Harapan Ummi tentulah macam para ibubapa yang lain jugak...I've noted that her ambition is to be a Pharmasist...donno why not a Doctor... :D. Oh, I think coz dia ni takut sikit dengan dunia pembedahan..haha..

And not forgotten, since last week my 2nd daughter Najwatul Huda has been sitting for her 1st semester final exam....Not too worry of her since she is now in U already..I think she knows best for her and what to do!! She did remind me untuk doakan dia jugak..of course, my dear!! She will be back home on this 18th November for a long semester break... :D

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Anonymous said...

moga anak2 berjaya kak ummi....senang hati mak ayah